Visit Trinity Church

It can be daunting walking into a new church for the first time, whether you are a Christian or new to the whole experience. At Trinity Church we want to do our best to make you feel welcome.

Jesus is at the centre of Christianity and our Sunday services are focused around learning about Him and giving thanks for the promises of eternal hope found in God’s word, the bible. To match the person at the center of Christianity, here's what you can expect our services to be:

Open, warm and welcoming to everyone from any background and any walk of life. As Christians, we have a relationship with God not because we are good, but because we have been forgiven - so we don’t expect anything different from anyone else.

Family-friendly for children of all ages. We welcome children to be involved our services. They head out for age appropriate bible teaching about half way through the meeting. Crèche is also provided on Sunday mornings. More details

Thought-provoking, challenging and practical. Jesus isn’t a dead historical figure but God’s risen king, who is active in shaping who we are — from the big decisions of our lives to our day-to-day choices. Each week we open the Bible to learn about Jesus.

A celebration and thanksgiving for what God has done. We will sing about His grace reminding each other of the truth about Jesus' sacrifice, we'll praise Him and we’ll pray to God, our Father.

Be assured that you won’t be pressured, embarrassed into, or asked to do anything you don’t want to do. You can participate as much or as little as you like, and our one hope is that you’ll hear, see and want to investigate Jesus.

We look forward to getting to know you personally.